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Jolly. Happy. Merry.

So when we spammed our friends/family with our “holiday” card and family newsletter this year, we got only 2 types of responses. 1.) Dead silence. 2.) This video. Mission accomplished. To view a sampling of our family portrait session: scroll, … Continue reading

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Happy 21st Birthday, Judas!

Dear Judas, Even though you moved away with no remorse about how you trampled the hearts of all those Hong Kongers that love you, we didn’t want you to think we forgot your momentous 21st birthday.  MOTY and I wanted … Continue reading

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Los Pollos Hermanos – Outward Bound HK 2015

Money Bags and I often disagree on what we think is fun.  I like to watch marathons of GG, P&P, and AofGG.  Money Bags likes to hike and be kind to others.  We have very different priorities… Back in March, … Continue reading

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Naughty Animals Party Hard in Mid-Levels Luxury Flat

During our years in Hong Kong, we’ve collected a large volume of questionable items that have been used for various costume parties, HK 7s rugby tournaments, Halloweens, work nights at Wanchai, etc.  In our 390 sq. ft. apartment, approximately 330 … Continue reading

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Sharkbait – Donsol, Philippines

One of the massive benefits of living in Asia is cheap travel.  The cost of a flight from LAX to JFK for you > Flights+Accommodations+Swimming with Whale Sharks+Navy Seal-style boat entries (hello death by getting run over by a motorized bamboo … Continue reading

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What up, Bep?! New Viet Food in SoHo

So it’s 90 degrees out and 85% humidity, and what did I have for lunch?  A big bowl of Pho. When a new Viet place rolls into town, this lonely Viet girl can’t help but try it out.  The new … Continue reading

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Strawberry Gluttony Goodness – Tea Saloon by Another Fine Day

Lately my Facebook feed has been inundated (you people know who you are) with lots of articles about healthy eating and about life’s real killer – Sugar.  Ok…. A.)  Duh. B.)  Welcome to my childhood upbringing.  My mother’s vehement anti-processed … Continue reading

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Christmas, Wat!? Wat!?

Wow, we’re posting video from our Christmas trip and it’s not even Easter yet.  Our cards took a year and a half, after all.  Go team?

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Halloween 2014 – Deconstructing Fancy Dress

Halloween costumes for adults usually fall into 1 of 4 categories. a.) Slutty ____ , b.) Scary/Zombie _____ , c.) Slutty Zombie _____ , d.) Wear random crap you bought at 7-11.  While it was very difficult to talk Money … Continue reading

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You CAN have your cake…

And eat it too. Things to do simply because you can in Hong Kong. Massage and Cake. Best. Idea. Ever.

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