Cheese, You and Me, We Can Be Friends Again

Finally.  See, Cheese and I had a bit of a falling out when we first arrived in Hong Kong.  Cheese (along with his trusty friend Beans), punched me in the gullet and stole my money back in January (if you haven’t read this post, do so, it’s definitely my best work) and we’ve kind of been on the rocks ever since.  I’ve pretty much stayed away from Hong Kong Cheese, and have periodically cheated on him with his distant American cousins.  But finally, with the help of our trusty friend Mandarin-or-Bust, Cheese and I put down our death knives and made up at the 1st Annual Hong Kong Cheese “Festival.”

There really doesn’t need to be any explanation for what we did at the cheese festival.  If you go to a cheese festival to do something other than eat cheese (i.e. just sniff – what is this wine-tasting??), there’s something wrong with you.  Leave the cheese to people who really know how to appreciate its decadence.  Some snapshots of our delightful time:

It took everything in my power to not stick my finger in and give each round a li’l swirl.

This cheese plate of 1 bajillion grams of fancy French cheese cost us only HK$250 (ya,  that’s about US$32).  Be jealous.

Veuve + Cheese = True Heaven.

Cheese, my friend, it’s been way too long.  Let us not quarrel again.

[Insert witty, smooth transition here, since I am neither witty nor smooth]

So our sister-in-law, Orrld Dance Moves, just moved to Hong Kong one week ago, and we welcomed her with a home-cooked meal of something very rare in Hong Kong – TexMex.  I had purposefully imported black beans from California (via my suitcase) for such an occasion.  This seemed like the perfect opportunity to take down beans again and wrestle them into submission.  Cheese and I have a relationship based on mutual trust and love.  Beans, I just like to show them who’s boss.  Any guess into which category Money Bags falls?

Since our flat is approximately the size of a cardboard box, we had to limit our guest list for our first dinner-party-from-scratch to a whopping… 5 people (including us).  So along with our guest of honor (vegan and dislikes cilantro), we had our welcoming committee of WhipperSnapper Snatcher (vegetarian) and Mandarin-or-Bust (meat, meat, MEAT) join us for my black beans (topped with shredded chipotle chicken for the carnivores), corn salsa, tomato salad, and tortillas disguised as Indian flat bread.

You remember my original attempt to make beans in HK?  Just.  Sick.

Who’s laughing now??

No dinner would be complete without dessert.  Mandarin-or-Bust brought an uncomfortable amount of chocolate (pretty much our style).

Apparently the English version of silly photos is to eat the nearest crumpled napkin.

And as an extra treat, Orrld Dance Moves heeded our threats and brought Caramel Tim Tams from Australia as part of her entry fee to Hong Kong.  WhipperSnapper Snatcher will now demonstrate the proper way to eat a Tim Tam (with a bit of English politeness and American crassness from her friends).

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1 Response to Cheese, You and Me, We Can Be Friends Again

  1. mom&pop bags says:

    Glad to see a family member has arrived to keep an eye on you guys! Enjoyed the “cheesy” report and video. Are ya doing anything special for your 29th birthday, MB?

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